How to start / technical preparations

Ready to start:

Your trainer will call you by phone just before the webinar starts to give you the log in data for the webinar. Therefor you just have taken your seat in front of your computer with having already the so- called client application running. This particular app we will send you previously. The Easy College interface is just a small exe data set. Our trainer gives a brief instruction in function. Of course you can also take part in your browser window if this is more comfortable for you. We recommend the exe Version because of easier controlling options.

Your technical preparation:

Besides your PC or Mac, you need a webcam and a web connection that is capable for movie streaming and very important: a headset for communication.


Always prefer a headset to a set of speakers and a simple computer microphone, because otherwise you and your instructor will have to struggle with feedback and delay.

Best practise:

If possible, use a second screen. A second screen supplies a better overview and arrangement in all webinar relevant contents.

Ready to go!

Webinar length

The webinar will start at 9:00 in the morning. The end will be at 16:00. Of course there will be some short breaks and an one hour lasting break at noon. If you´d like to start at a different point of time, just give us a call or write an email.

How webinars work

A webinar works almost the same just like a seminar or training. You are able to see and hear your trainer and even to discuss some matters. You will witness what the trainer is doing in his application, so you can follow every single step. The Easy College menu bar even gives the opportunity to chat with other participants. Your interface supplies a spot for data exchange, so your trainer just can swap scripts and on the other hand you can upload data for a closer trainer inspection of your efforts in the process of any feature.

Your trainer even has the opportunity to authorize participants as a remote controller within his own application. This is a very good way to demonstrate your understanding in single steps of the particular feature to your trainer. The instructor leads you trough handling processes and monitors if some difficulties occur.